Building Communities. Fulfilling Dreams

Julie Bornstein

Executive Director

CVHC has had an extraordinary and probably immeasurable impact on the Valley. More than that, I think John Mealey has made the entire Valley realize we have a responsibility to make sure that those who are around us, those who serve us and work to make our lives pleasant and wonderful and allow us to enjoy the full value of life, have a decent place to live at the end of the day.

Sylvia Montenegro

Founding CVHC Board Member

It is my belief that those who have come to live in our homes have great positive changes in their lives, particularly the students.

Lois Carson

Retired Executive Director, Community Action Partnership Riverside County

The people CVHC first targeted were living out of cars, living in shacks and trying to raise their children in despicable conditions. John’s idea of housing for these families was right on time. Especially sweat equity because it gave people an opportunity to work on their own behalf. They take a lot more pride in what eventually becomes their home. I believe their homes remain stable, clean and well kept because of the respect the people have for the communities which they developed.

Ralph Waite (Deceased)

Former CVHC Board Member

CVHC has made the dreams of almost 4,000 farmworkers and low-income working families come true through improved living conditions and homeownership.

Angela Young

CVCH Self Help Homebuilder and Board Member

There are no words that can say how thankful I am to be able to have this house. This is unbelievable. Just to have a home and say it is mine!

Lawrence A Cox Jr.

Former CVHC Board President

You and the individuals who work with you for Coachella Valley Housing Coalition have impacted the lives of thousands and your influence will impact lives in a positive fashion for many generations to come.

Fred Wolff (Deceased)

La Quinta’s 1st Mayor and Former CVHC Board Member

Something special happens to people who spend 10 months building their homes. It’s an empowering experience.

Bob Anderson

Former California Single Family Housing Program Director USDA Rural Development

CVHC has helped so many people, and their children have benefitted because the children in these homes are stable. Stable environments produce kids who do better in school and they are going to do better in life.

Kay Wolff

CVHC Supporter

John and CVHC have always been the voice for low-income housing people. They are always there to set the record straight when there are misconceptions about farmworkers and the people who need low-income housing.

Julie Bond

CVHC Self Help Homebuilder

Owning our home has changed lots of things. And, it’s not just the housing. It’s a big deal to have a beautiful house to live in. It changes your outlook on life about other things. And, you want to do better for yourself. So you start looking for jobs and go back to school. You want to do better for your kids.

Brad Hudson

Sacramento County Chief Executive Officer

It takes money and support from local government to build this kind of housing. I think we’ve raised that kind of consciousness having an organization like Coachella Valley Housing Coalition, whose whole existence is providing housing for low-income folks. Their motivations are never questioned. They have one thing to do. They do it well and their mission never changes. It’s always the same.

Arturo and Lucia Chaidez

CVHC Self Help Homebuilders

We had the dream of having a home. Thank God and the program we could accomplish it. Right now we are enjoying our home.

Rigoberto Ramirez

1986 CVHC Self Help Homebuilder and current CVHC Construction Superintendent

I was a farm worker during the day. I got paid $1.10 an hour. So it was impossible for me to buy a house on that kind of salary.

The Desert Sun Editorial Board

The Coachella Valley Housing Coalition has offered dignity to retired farmworkers with its new apartments.

Rachel Asir Perez

JFM Scholar, Daughter of CVHC Self Help homebuilders

After so many years of constantly moving from rundown apartment buildings, unsafe neighborhoods and overcrowded living quarters; we were finally freed from it all, and have a beautiful home my parents can proudly claim as their own. I am so grateful and feel genuinely blessed that we were given this magnificent opportunity. It has done wonders for all of our family.

Manuel Valenzuela

JFM Scholar and CVHC Self Help Homebuilder

I helped my parents build our home every day after school for ten consecutive months. During the construction process, I became interested in how streets are designed, how property lines are determined and how house frames are designed. I found out that becoming a Civil Engineer would answer my questions and guide my future.